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brAVe [space] Podcast | Ep 29: Being Better Humans with Iffat Chaudhry

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Recorded on February 1st, 2024
At the ISE Influencer's Lounge Recording Studio 

This bonus episode of brAVe [space] features the AV Pro of the Year Nominee Iffat Chaudhry! Iffat and Britt sat down in the recording booth at ISE and covered a wide range of topics including:
  • Their ISE experience as women
  • Alcohol on the show floor (TW: alcoholism, death mention)
  • Networking tips
  • How tradeshows can improve their DEI initiatives
  • Advice for allys
  • ...and more!
Stick around for the end where Iffat gets vulnerable during the side quest, and Britt shares the action items she pulled from their conversation. 

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