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brAVe [space] Podcast | Ep 31: brAVe [space] LIVE: "Don't be afraid to jump feet first into the fire"

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Recorded LIVE during the HETMA Virtual Conference
February 23rd, 2024

In this episode, Ally Hepp joined the brAVe [space] for a live recording during the 2024 HETMA Virtual conference. This was the first ever live recording of this podcast, and it is packed with insights! Ally and Britt discuss:
  • Taking on big projects and side hustles
  • Recognizing and setting boundaries
  • Experiences as women in AV/IT, including the nuances of the Higher Education environment 
  • Learning to delegate
  • ...and more!
During the Q&A, they also address available resources to learn and upskill and they attempt to answer, "are AV people weirdos and misfits? [asked with love]" 

Shout out to Mike Pederson, Brittany Grant, Aaron Peterson, and Danielle Brown for their participation during the Q&A!

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