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brAVe [space] Podcast | Ep 34: Anniversary Special: A Deep Dive on DEI

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Recorded on April 3rd, 2024 

On April 3rd, 2023, the very first episode of brAVe [space] aired! Creator and host Britt Yenser wanted to mark the one year anniversary of this podcast with a special bonus episode -- one that highlights the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion work. 

In this bonus episode, Britt talks with Moravian University's Vice President and Dean for Equity and Inclusion, Dr. G Christopher Hunt. Throughout the episode, they discuss:
  • Expanding the idea of equity and inclusion work in Higher Education
  • How new laws are impacting equity and inclusion work in Higher Education
  • Advice for increasing and embracing diversity in the AV industry
  • Having DEI conversations no matter your role on your campus or in your company 
  • ...and more!
Be sure to listen to the end for our recap and action items!

Connect with Dr. G Christopher Hunt

Connect with Britt Yenser