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What Are the Top Things for a Higher Education Tech Manager to Do at InfoComm 2024? | Musings of an AI Bot

Prompt: What are the top things for a higher education tech manager to do at InfoComm 2024?

1. Attend Educational Sessions and Workshops 

InfoComm offers numerous sessions tailored for higher education, focusing on the latest AV technologies, trends, and best practices. Look for sessions on classroom technology, remote learning solutions, and campus-wide AV integration.  

2. Explore the Exhibit Hall 

Visit booths and exhibits from leading AV manufacturers and service providers. This is a great opportunity to see the latest products, get hands-on demonstrations, and discuss specific needs with vendors.  

3. Network with Peers 

Participate in networking events and meetups designed for higher education professionals. This is an excellent way to share experiences, challenges, and solutions with peers from other institutions.  

4. Join Special Interest Groups 

Engage with groups like HETMA (Higher Education Technology Managers Alliance) to collaborate on initiatives, share knowledge, and influence industry standards and practices.  

5. Participate in Panel Discussions and Roundtables 

Join discussions on topics such as digital transformation in education, hybrid learning environments, and the future of educational technology.  

6. Visit the HETMA Booth 

Connect with fellow HETMA members and learn about the latest projects, resources, and opportunities available through the organization.

7. Product Launches and Demonstrations

Attend product launches and live demonstrations to stay updated on the cutting-edge technologies that can enhance your institution’s AV infrastructure.  

8. Industry Insights and Keynotes 

Attend keynote sessions and industry insights presentations to gain a broader perspective on how AV technology is evolving and its impact on higher education.  

9. Hands-On Training 

Take advantage of hands-on training sessions to improve your technical skills and knowledge of specific AV systems and tools.  

10. Technical Tours 

Join tours of innovative installations and setups to see practical applications of AV technology in different environments.  These activities will help you stay informed, connect with industry leaders, and find solutions that can benefit your institution’s AV and technology initiatives.

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