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brAVe [space] Podcast | Ep 40: Corey Sanders Joins the brAVe [space]

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Recorded on April 4th, 2024 (Autism Awareness Day)

After hearing Britt speak on a panel about Neurodiversity during the HETMA Virtual Conference, Corey reached out to ask if that might be an appropriate brAVe [space] topic. In true HEAV content fashion, Britt responded with a resounding, "Yes, and would you like to be the one to talk about it?!" 

Corey graciously agreed to join Britt to discuss Neurodiversity, and they just so happened to record on Autism Awareness Day. They cover:
  • Real/perceived social stigma
  • Receiving a diagnosis as an adult
  • The double edged sword of social media
  • How leaders can support their team members who are neurodivergent 
  • Asking for what you need as a person who is neurodivergent 
  • Navigating burnout from masking and practicing self care
  • ...and more!


This episode is packed with helpful information, good advice, a cat special guest appearance, and nerdy recommendations! Be sure to listen to the end to learn a little bit more about Corey and to hear our action items!

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