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003: Brian Leas from Missouri State; Influence or Flattery, Higher Ed Buying Power

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Higher Ed AV Podcast - Episode 3 - Brian Leas - Missouri State

Brian Leas of Missouri State (@MissouriState) joins the podcast to discuss recent analog to digital upgrades, and Joe looks at how we as end user power-buyers have the power to influence manufactures in order to drive technological advancement.

In a recent #AVintheAM conversations by Mark Coxon (@AVPhenom), he claimed that the order of influence and importance is customer, integrator, then manufacturer. Joe explores this and notes the special relationship between manufacturers and higher ed tech managers. As a case in point, Joe gives kudos to the product testing and development procedures by Panasonic (@Panasonic), as well as interactions with other recent manufacturers at InfoComm (@InfoComm).

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