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048: Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed with Britt Yenser | The AV/IT Amplifier Podcast

048: Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed with Britt Yenser | The AV/IT Amplifier Podcast

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In this episode, Britt Yenser discusses the importance of speaking up and advocating for oneself. She emphasizes the need to overcome imposter phenomenon and heal the inner child to build confidence. Britt also encourages individuals to raise their hands for opportunities, even if they are not 100% prepared, and to embrace the possibility of rejection. She highlights the welcoming nature of organizations and the importance of identifying and utilizing one's strengths. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the power of self-advocacy and the value of diverse voices in leadership positions.


-Speak up and advocate for yourself to ensure your goals and desires are known.
-Overcome imposter phenomenon by recognizing your strengths and focusing on external validation.
-Heal your inner child and embrace your adult self to build confidence and overcome past experiences.
-Raise your hand for opportunities, even if you feel unprepared or unsure.
-Embrace the possibility of rejection and learn from the experience. -
Identify your strengths and find ways to contribute to organizations and communities. 

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