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brAVe [space] Podcast | Ep 27: Even Wonder Woman is on a Team

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Recorded on February 13th, 2024
For Immediate Release

TW: Cancer 

In this emotionally charged bonus episode, we hear from the inspirational Tammy Fuqua, who candidly shares her recent journey with a cancer diagnosis. Tammy walks us through the initial shock of the news, processing the diagnosis, and the invaluable lessons she is learning along the way. 

The conversation delves into Tammy's resilient spirit as she discusses the power of optimism and laughter in navigating the challenging terrain of a serious illness. She emphasizes the importance of accepting help from loved ones and the profound impact that has had on her. Tammy's experience serves as a powerful reminder that vulnerability can be a source of strength.

As the conversation takes a hopeful turn during the side quest, Tammy shares her exciting future travel plans, highlighting her determination to make the most of every opportunity.

This episode is packed with powerful messages from Tammy, encouraging listeners to live life to the fullest, appreciate the beauty in every day, and face challenges with unwavering optimism.

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