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ISE 2024 Day One Recap

By Britt Yenser

Written on 01/31/2024

#ISE2024 kicked off on Tuesday, January 30th. As we entered the Fira we were greeted by gorgeous transparent displays and friendly folks scanning pre-printed badges. It felt both cutting edge and sustainable. Once inside, the HETMA team hit the ground running.

We met with Panasonic, X-TEN AV, and Aurora. You’ll be able to catch those booth tours here on our website. We think you’ll find that they are strong Higher Ed partners with bright projectors, VR design software, and actual AI, respectively. We can’t wait for you to see the booth tours—we think you’ll be as impressed as we were! 

The social gatherings were fun and productive. I especially enjoyed the #AVinTheAM gathering and the AV Nation’s TweetUp on the show floor. It’s always rewarding to solidify our online connections live and in person! Along with taking fun selfies and checking in with each other, we got to chat about what we’d seen at the show so far and make recommendations to one another. The show is huge, so it’s always helpful to hear other people’s perspectives that we might have missed! And of course the after-hours events were in beautiful locations that let us see more of Barcelona and further connect with each other! We enjoyed the best paella in Barcelona with Epiphan, went to a gorgeous venue with Sony, and capped the night off looking out over the city at X20’s gathering. 

Not only did we see some great technology and take advantage of seeing our colleagues in person, but we also walked away with some pro-tips. We learned that scheduling our day, staying hydrated, and taking pictures of people’s badges to connect later made our day smooth and productive.

Stay tuned for more insights from this year's ISE...